Friday, October 26, 2012

Born Gold. Little Sleepwalker.

Brooding new electronic music from the man who used to go by Gobble Gobble. Less experimental pop. More twisted vocals and evil beats. Scared melodies. Sacred textures. Deep blue. Vitriolic.
Born Gold - 'Little Sleepwalker'
1. Pulse Thief
2. That Way
3. Lethe
4. I: Ferocious Body
5. II: Against Silence
6. Sky Bicycle
7. Black Sonar
8. Dawn Tunnel
9. Fires of Disappearing
10. Gauze Pillars


  1. Cecil Frena aka the man who used to go by gobble gobble, has roots in much darker, heavier music if you or anyone else is interested. Cecil played in SNIC which incorporated elements of math and grind seamlessly, and GIFTEATERS which played less structured but equally devastating post-hardcore

  2. I'm aware of (and a big fan of) all of Frena's projects, but this is actually a great heads-up for anyone who doesn't know! Born Gold and gblgbl rule, but his earlier music is AT LEAST just as awesome, check it out!

  3. very talented person. I want to see more of him