Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mesa Verde. The Old Road.

Post-rock tinged skramz from beyond. Build-ups. Let-downs. Screams. Squealing guitars. Doubt and worry. Desperation and feedback.
Mesa Verde - 'The Old Road'
1. A Deep Sleep Without Dreams
2. For the Tree That Fell
3. When the Canary Dies Run Like Fuck
4. Return to Victories
5. No More Bad Future
6. Post-Youth

Friday, August 26, 2011

Giles Corey. Giles Corey.

Acoustic music from the industrial revolution. Vicious reverb. Supernatural ambient noodling. True folk music. Blistered fingers. Suicide. Acoustic ghosts.
Giles Corey - 'Giles Corey'
1. The Haunting Presence
2. Blackest Bile
3. Grave Filled With Books
4. Empty Churches
5. I'm Going to Do It
6. Spectral Bride
7. No One is Ever Going to Want Me
8. A Sleeping Heart
9. Buried Above Ground

Tunng. Mother's Daughter and Other Songs.

Experimental folk. Electronic elements. Tons of instruments. Glitched-out vocals. Acoustic guitars. Heavy bass. Crazy harmonies.
Tunng - 'Mother's Daughter and Other Songs'
1. Mother's Daughter
2. People Folk
3. Out the Window With the Window
4. Beautiful and Light
5. Tale From Black
6. Song of the Sea
7. Kinky Vans
8. Fair Doreen
9. Code Breaker
10. Surprise Me 44

Ash Borer. Ash Borer.

Cascadian black metal. Unrelenting atmospheres. Local music. Minimal synths. Fast Drums. Chaos. Beauty.
Ash Borer - 'Ash Borer'
1. In the Midst of Life, We Are In Death
2. Rest, You Are the Lightning
3. My Curse Was Raised In the Darkness Against a Doomsday Silence

Unknown Artist. Untitled Album.

Atmospheric black metal. No artist name. No album title. No song titles. Darkthrone worship. Wintery. Cold.

Spuolus. Beyond the Event Horizon.

Blackened funeral doom. Spaced-out music. Synths. Slow guitars. Dirges. Crushing atmospheres. Infinite.
Spuolus - 'Beyond the Event Horizon'
1. I Stand Nowhere
2. Your Defencelessness
3. The Last Vanishing
4. Arcane Annihilation