Friday, September 2, 2011

Planning For Burial. Leaving.

Post-rock. Black metal. Shoegaze. Solitary experimentation. Ambient despair. Lo-fi melancholy. Pure power.
Planning For Burial - 'Leaving'
1. Wearing Sadness and Regret Upon Our Faces
2. Memories You'll Never Feel Again
3. Oh Pennsylvania, Your Black Clouds Hang Low
4. Humming Quietly
5. We Left Our Bodies with the Earth
6. Being a Teenager and the Awkwardness of Backseat Sex
7. Seasons Change So Slowly
8. Verse/Chorus/Verse
9. Leaving

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mamaleek. Kurdaitcha.

Experimental black metal. Eastern-tinged noise. Lo-fi emotionalism. Destructive. Visceral. Eerie maximalism. Sound effects for the end of ages.
Mamaleek - 'Kurdaitcha'
1. The Hypocrite & The Concubine
2. Wake Up, Jacob
3. My Body Rock Long Fever
4. Sinner Won't Die No More
5. You Can Bury Me In The East
6. What a Trying Time
7. The White Marble Stone
8. Some Valiant Soldier