Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bunny Gamer's Top Albums of 2012. Part One: 100-76.

Here it is, at long last--the 2012 installment of my albums of the year list. As per the usual, this thing is an absolute monster to make, and this is the first of four parts which should be coming out over the next month or so, time permitting. All these albums are legitimately fantastic, so don't hesitate to seek out any that pique your interest. This year, direct downloads have become less and less reliable, so a lot of the links on here aren't as stable as I like and may or may not get deleted over time (with the exception of the artist-provided ones) so please let me know if you're having trouble finding an album on here, I did the best I could. With that said, go ahead and click on the title of this post to view the first 25 albums on the list, right after the break!