Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wildernessking. The Writing of Gods in the Sand.

South African semi-atmospheric black metal. Flowing melodies. Vicious vocals. Destructive instrumentals. Mighty. Heavy. Ceaselessly inventive.
Wildernessking - 'The Writing of Gods in the Sand'
1. Rubicon
2. Discovery
3. River
4. Utopia
5. Surrender
6. Reveal
7. Inifinity


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  3. Hello! I am actually excited to find out one thing, could you please tell us where you grew up?

  4. Yes! I grew up in Santa Cruz, California (as did the other editor of this blog, Aramis (aka Gestate Reality), although he very rarely posts. I moved to Arcata, CA, for a little over a year, but it was terrible so then I moved back to Santa Cruz, and am currently still there. Might I ask why the curiosity?

  5. I love this band and this album.