Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Planning For Burial/Lonesummer. Split.

Atmospheric ambient. Blackened drone. Innumerable heartbreak.
Lo-fidelity. Reverb. Visceral. Raw.
Planning For Burial/Lonesummer - 'Split'
1. Planning For Burial - Sleeping In Separate Rooms
2. Planning For Burial - If I Knew What To Say
3. Planning For Burial/Lonesummer - Boring Domesticated Life
4. Lonesummer - Joy Is A Burden
5. Lonesummer - I Wish I Could Delete Last Night
6. Lonesummer - Regrettably, Out Harvest Never Grew
7. Lonesummer - Your Eyes Always Shake Me


  1. i like this blog, keep posting awesome things.

  2. Thanks a ton bro. You're one of my favourite artists around, awesome to hear your feedback. Great to hear someone digs what we're doing :)