Sunday, September 4, 2011

Various Artists. Odour of Dust and Rot.

Insane black metal. Underground. Dark. Evil. Wintery. Grim. Kvlt as fuck.
'Odour of Dust and Rot'
1. Unknown Artist - Enslave Every Star
2. Glossolalia - Filth in the Light
3. Absum - Living Graves
4. Unknown Artist - Strain I
5. Tukaaria - Empty as the Prophecy
6. Unknown Artist - Rhythms of the Feast
7. Absum - Profaned
8. Unknown Artist - Tempest
9. Unknown Artist - Strain II
10. Kuxan Suum - Principle of Harmonic Resonance
11. Nihilobstat - Traced in Absurdity
12. Unknown Artist - Strain III
13. Odz Manouk - A Virulent Wind
14. Absum - Restless Scepter


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